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12 Summer Beers

12 Summer Beers
When imagining the perfect summer camp outing with friends, there are a few key ingredients that usually come to mind: camping gear, the aforementioned friends, and a campfire, to name just a few. But if we were to name a few more, BEER is pretty high up on the list. For some of us outdoor lovers out there, a refreshingly cold beer is pretty much synonymous with relaxing in the outdoors. Bars are great, but there is definitely something special about kicking back with a cold one might just taste better outside and we highly recommend splitting a tasty 6-pack between you and some buddies cuz that's what good, lasting summer memories are made of.
That basically brings us to the 6-pack. With so many options out there, it's hard to choose. Check out this insightful Thirllist article that does a great job highlighting some top summer beers you should bring along on your next campout. 
Article credit: Kate Bernot/ Thrillist
Read the full article and beer breakdown HERE

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