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2016 Top Products

2016 Top Products

Our small team consists of design geeks and outdoor lovers who are lucky enough to be able to combine these two passions at work. It has always been our goal to make it easier for folks to get outside to camp, hike, and just bask in the inherent goodness of nature. Every year, we work hard to create products that will help achieve this goal, and 2016 was no exception. Here are our team’s proudest achievements and top products we released last year.


Alite has dabbled in tent design before but never like this. The Sierra Shack is one of our favorite products from 2016 because it really embodies one of our goals of making going camping easier. Most tents have lots of poles and sleeves so setting them up, especially if you’re new to camping, can be a bit of a burden. Not with the Sierra Shack: it’s a pop-up tent that’s so easy to use, it basically sets itself up. On top of that, it adds another fun aspect to your camp trip, because you can zip multiple Sierra Shacks together and create a cool group camp.


Our first design ever was the two-legged rocker, the Monarch Chair. It paved the way for a slew of lightweight camp chairs that have become synonymous with kicking back and relaxing in the outdoors as well as our most popular products. The Calpine Chair is our design team’s crowning chair achievement, because it’s a full sized camp chair that’s both lightweight and fully collapsible. The Calpine Chair literally lets you have a seat at the camp table and gives you a perfect perch for sitting by the campfire.


Here at Alite we don’t carry briefcases, we carry backpacks. We launched a few new pack designs last year but our top pick is the Scout Pack. We chose the Scout for it’s versatility and utility. It can carry and organize enough supplies for a fun day excursion to your favorite outdoor place. We also really like the useful handles on the Scout that allow it to be comfortably carried as a tote bag (great for grocery shopping) and as a backpack.