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Alite Holiday Field Guide: Hike

Alite Holiday Field Guide: Hike

Our second Holiday Field Guide is HIKE and features some fun and easy to use products for when you wanna get outside and explore some trails by foot. A comfortable day pack and cool shades are a great start for going strolling in the woods. Browse from the complete Field Guide and get ready to take a hike!

We've created FIVE Field Guides to offer suggestions, encouragement, and thoughtful gift ideas. First up is the Alite Holiday Field Guide for . Take this collection of gear out to your favorite park and kick back and relax in maximum comfort and style!

Check out our selection of products below and enjoy up to 40% OFF with this holiday program.



Monarch Chair
$54.99 was $70
Woodchuck Pack
$29.99 was $50
Sunski Madrona Sunglasses
$45.99 was $55
Joshua Tree Topographic Bandana
$6.99 was $7.45
Neon Blue Slingshot
$28.99 was $34
Felt Slingshot Ammo
$4.25 was $5


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