Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Staff Pick: Todd Wilkinson

Staff Pick: Todd Wilkinson

Why is the Mantis Chair your top Alite product pick?

Todd: "I always bring along my Mantis on my weekend bike camp trips. First, it easily fits in my bike bag with my other camp gear. Second, it's super comfy and after a long, oftentimes tiring ride to camp, I need to just chill. There's no better way to relax next to my campfire."

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Meet Todd

Job: Lead Designer
Favorite part of the job: Sketching
Identifying feature: Animal print shirts or "spirit animal shirts"
Outdoor activity of choice: Bike camping
Quote: "Have a good time, all the time" - Viv Savage

If Todd isn't tinkering around in our wood shop or developing the latest and greatest chair or backpack creation as Alite's Lead Designer, he's probably playing around outside. Todd's outdoor interests range from camping to exploring the bay area via his vintage mountain bike (it's pink) with an emphasis on fishing. Before he found his calling in product design, Todd spent a few years traveling the world as a roadie for several metal bands and currently moonlights as a drummer in his own metal band.

 Todd's Favorite Outdoor Spot

As a Bay Area dweller, Todd takes advantage of his proximity to some really fun outdoor destinations. One of his favorite pastimes is loading up his hot pink mountain bike with his camping gear and fishing rod and riding over the Golden Gate Bridge to China Camp. It's here that Todd indulges in some of his preferred outdoor pursuits including exploring some of the park's single track and enjoying a cold beer at the old general store.

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Photo credit: Hipcamp