Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Anne Assassi

Anne Assassi If you are of the school of thought that all camp cuisine is all just dehydrated meals and junk food, it’s time to find another school. Now, we would never knock the simple pleasures of cooking hot dogs over a campfire, we just want you to know that there’s a whole world of more exciting, beautifully simple, and downright delicious alternative meals you can enjoy on your next camping trip. Sometimes the key to unlocking this next level of outdoor cuisine is knowing the person with the right expertise and know-how. Well, we have someone we’d like you to meet.
What do you get when you combine a registered dietician (RDN), an outdoor enthusiast, and a gourmet cook? You get our friend and camp cooking guru, Anne Assassi aka the Diet Assassinista! This Bay-Area foodie is super passionate about the interplay of food and healthy living and she explores this relationship through her cooking. Fortunately for us, this is the most horizon-expanding and delicious method of exploration! We’re super excited to have the Diet Assassinista ply her talents as a cook and knowledgeable background in nutrition to the outdoor crowd. Get ready to see (and taste) how camping meals can be so much more than just sustenance with some of her creative, original, and tasty camp recipes.
Learn more about Anne and her food philosophy on her blog the Diet Assassinista.
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