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Best of 2017

Best of 2017

Thanks for a Great Season!

Our our small team is made up of passionate outdoor-loving folk. Our designers work hard every year to come up with new products that are versatile, functional, and most importantly help people get outside! 

Here are some of our top products from last year:

The Sierra Shack is one of our favorite products because it encompasses the mission of our work: making getting outside easier and more fun. It's a simple, yet well-designed pop-up tent that makes setting up camp super quick and easy! Better yet, you can zip these tents together so the party doesn't end around the campfire!

Possibly our most used park product - the Meadow Mat picnic blanket is a staple in our park kits! It's waterproof, so you never have to worry about sitting on damp grass. When you're done, roll it up into the attached straps and handle and you're good to go!

The Mayfly Chair has been one of our top rated products since it's release. It's comfortable and versatile - remove the front leg and you can use it as a rocker! It packs down into a small stuff sack so you can easily bring it camping, to the park, or to music festivals!

This year we brought back an old fan favorite. The Woodchuck is loved by many for it's casual and classic design. It's great for the trail or your morning commute. It has a laptop sleeve so we can carry ours to work, and can use it on a day hike too!

Here at Alite, we like to camp all year long. We always bring our Cozy Covers along because, true to it's name, it offers a cozy layer of warmth to the Mantis Chair. Bring it along with you during the fall and winter months for ultimate camp chair comfort!