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Calamity Art Show

Calamity Art Show

Join us for a new art show at The Scott Ellsworth Gallery inside the Alite Outpost! "Calamity" will showcase the artwork of Tyler Bewley and Hella More Funner (Adam Gray & Sam Fuchs). These artists explore the tension between man and nature.

Tyler celebrates the intricacy and delicate beauty of natural forms, while exploring the impact of humanity imposing itself upon our environment, contorting it and shaping it to our will. His drawings form a lens to illuminate and personalize the importance of our current ecological state and the need for stewardship and preservation in our future.

Hella More Funner on the other hand, collages images found on the internet to reflect the input overload of digital culture. We view our distraction as a global epidemic—a cognitive plague that threatens to unravel generations of productive and focused thought. Making it more difficult now than ever to address serious long-term problems like climate change. Our collages are an allegories of these problems -- cautionary tales with thousands of clues pointing toward the hazards of capitalism and popular culture.

*Drinks and Snacks provided

What: Art Opening
Where: The Alite Outpost 3376 18th Street SF, CA 94110
When: Thursday June 15th from 6-9 pm