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Exclusive Duffels + Stay Caffeinated

Exclusive Duffels + Stay Caffeinated
Gift Box #4: Caffeine Connoisseur

Our Caffeine Connoisseur gift box is for that person you know (or probably many people, let's be honest) who needs their morning ritual of grinding, pouring, sipping to start the day out right. With this compact and convenient coffee making kit, you can still get your favorite cup of joe outdoors, where it'll taste even better.

Also, don't forget about our Holiday Sale, which is in full swing.

Big Basin Duffel: How to Take All Your Other Presents Home

These duffel bags can also be worn in backpack form! Great for on the go Santas. Can fit nicely down the chimney. Also they're super stylish in these awesome new color-ways.

They make for a great holiday retreat pack and are the perfect car camping companion.

Our Adventure Sales Associates Take to the Mountains

Pretty sure that's what they all do on their days off. Or perhaps they'll be spending some quality munching time with their favorite adventure buddies!

The Outpost will be temporarily on holiday in the Sierras today, Thursday 11/22 and tomorrow, Friday 11/23 but definitely stop on by this weekend to check out limited edition packs and holiday sale goodness! 

Behold the Caffeinator on Wheels

"I want to get great coffee into the hands of people who love to chase adventure like I do, and I want to inspire them to follow their dreams. For me, that mission is just as important as the coffee."

Read Erik Gordon's amazing story of starting a mobile coffee shop out of his van and helping people get that outdoor buzz.

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