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Exclusive New Colors + Gift Box #3 ❄ 🎁 ⛺

Exclusive New Colors + Gift Box #3 ❄ 🎁 ⛺
Holiday Product Release: Woodchuck Pack

This week's new color reveals are Balboa RedPacifica Black, Alameda Green, and Bolinas Gray, all featured as varieties of our Woodchuck Pack! How many packs did a woodchuck chuck? Not very many, so make sure to you grab your favorite new color way before they are all gone and you're like dam.

On the third day of gift boxes my true love gave to mee...

Two zip-together-able cozy sleeping bags, that you can also walk around in, and a dimmable, glowly lantern that you can hang from a treeee! 

Okay, so maybe that doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but you get the point. Which, in case you didn't, is that this is an awesome, super romantic, and fun gift box to get for your significant other (and then it's also a present for yourself) or for a cool adventuresome couple you know!

'Noggin Out

So. While we are aware eggnog can be a very hit or miss beverage, WE CHUG IT BY THE QUART AT THE OFFICE! (At least like 20% of us do). Oops totally meant to to play it cool, but I've been eggnog deprived for 10 months what can I saaay.

Anyway, we've been discussing how it can be improved with a little extra something (...the alcohols) and wanted to share this great list of festive cocktails from The Spruce Eats with all of you other 'noggers who might be reading this. Might we say these also go smashingly with the above holiday gift box #3...

photo: jeff giniewicz/E+/Getty Images

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