Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

The Best Adventure Chair, 25% Off Nipomo Blankets + More!

The Best Adventure Chair, 25% Off Nipomo Blankets + More!
The uniquely designed Monarch Chair goes places other chairs can't. At just over one pound, with legs that allow you to rock back an forth, this 2-legged "rocker" is ready for camp trips, backpacking excursions, outdoor music festivals, and the beach!

The Best Festival Blankets

If you're going to Outside Lands or any other outdoor musical festival for that matter, you're gonna want a good blanket for your trip. Nipomo blankets are perfect for festival fun! Roll one out to gather with friends or wrap yourself up and stay warm when the sun goes down.

Some of our favorite outdoor festivals are just around the corner and to celebrate, we're putting ALL Nipomo Blankets at 25% off while supplies last!

Sneak Peek Limited Edition Print

The newest limited edition Alite chair print will rock your socks off. Prepare for a sock-free lifestyle and outdoor adventures.
Launching next week!

Let There Be Light. Just the Right Amount of Light.

Black Diamond products are solid. Solid like...well, diamonds. We've carried the Apollo Lantern for about as long as we've been in business and that's because it's a dependable and versatile lantern for a variety of adventures. It provides just the right amount of non-glaring light to illuminate your picnic table so you can cook dinner or play a game of cards at night. It also has an adjustable dimming feature and can be hung from your tent or stood up on flat surfaces and tables.

Nature Inspired Art 

The By Land and Sea art show is on display at the Alite Outpost until August 31. Come by anytime between 10 am and 6 pm to check out an exciting range of multi-media works from four talented Bay Area artists. We guarantee this show will inspire you to grab a surfboard and head outdoors for adventure. Come see for yourself! The artwork is for sale and all proceeds go to the artists and local charities.

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