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Fall Kits + Battle of the Bay 🍁 🍃 ❄ 🎁

Fall Kits + Battle of the Bay 🍁 🍃 ❄ 🎁
Foraging, Feels, & Funtime!

Four fantastic fall...kits. Okay may have been trying a little too hard for that alliteration. There are actually three kits, not four, but that doesn't make them any less fantastic!

Seriously though, whether you're preparing for a hike and some food gathering, a fun park hangout with some friends, or a cozy, feel good, kick-back sesh, it's a really sweet deal when you buy these products together!

Bouldering Competition is in 2 Days!

Come hang out with us at Dogpatch Boulders on Saturday, Nov 10th for Battle of the Bay 2018. We'll be there selling gear with 10% of proceeds going to the Access Fund, whose mission is to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. There will also be beer, pizza, prizes, and more!

Spectators (we fall under this category) are welcome to join the party and watch the big leaguers slug it out.

Chugga Chugga...

Our newest and most beverage friendly chair will be available on our site in more colors soon! Keep your eyes peeled and drinks at the ready.

It’s the ultimate camping, music festival, backwoods, beverage-compatible chair of leisure! The Stonefly provides a super comfortable perch that sits higher than both our Mayfly and Mantis chairs, so you’ll have a great view whether it’s of the stage or Half Dome!

Boreas Samples at the Outpost
At the Alite Outpost we have a Boreas closeout section of lightly used backpacks and weatherproof Bootlegger trampoline suspension daypacks selling for up to 70% off!

These are some seriously awesome packs, designed by Alite designers, making this is probably the best adventure pack deal in town. Almost definitely. We're 99% sure it's the best adventure pack deal in town, but let us know if you find a better one.

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