Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

FREE Meadow Mat Large w/ Chair + STICKERS are here

FREE Meadow Mat Large w/ Chair + STICKERS are here
Buy any Chair and Get a Free Meadow Mat Large!

For one week only, all you folks can get in on a super special fall deal! Stake out a hangout/naptime spot for you and your friends with this great combo.

Meadow mats and chairs
Are great for chilling outside
In the fall time...woot!

Hope my haiku inspired you all to get outside. 
(apologies, poetry is not my strong point)

New Sticker Swag For You!!

At Alite we like to say there are two things you can never get too much of: Round Table Pizza, the outdoors, and STICKERS!! (Okay so that may have been more than two, but I never said we were good at counting). Stickers have so many uses. Like maybe for some reason you're not super into pumpkin carving - you could totally make an Alite sticker pumpkin instead!!

We haven't even gotten to the best part yet. You, our loyal newsletter adventurer, can get a FREE sticker pack with any order placed this week with discount code "STICKEM"! Be sure to add the stickers to your cart.

Fall DIY: Leaf Crowns + Animal Masks

^aaaaand that's a summary of my weekend plans. How great are these animal crowns?! I'm gonna make myself a wombat. And a little trash panda one for my cat. (Speaking of cats, here's some timely and relevant cat news.)

These fun fall crafts from Handmade Charlotte are not only kid friendly, but also adult friendly, and possibly even teen friendly (depending on the teen). We hope you have a blast with them!

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