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Go 4th Destinations, 2 for 1 Mantis Chair, + Advice

Go 4th Destinations, 2 for 1 Mantis Chair, + Advice
Find Your Happy (Outdoor) Place
We like playing outside and we have curated some fun posts about a few of our favorite outdoor parks and places to have an adventure or campout.
Check out our Destinations page where you can find out about how to find these fun outdoor spots, what weather will be like, and what's the best gear to bring along for the trip.

Go 4th and Camp! 
We hope you celebrated yesterday outside camping with your friends. But even if you didn't, there's still plenty of outdoor fun to be had this weekend and beyond! 
Find awesome campgrounds, yurts and cabins in your area on our Outside 101 Reservations page. You can find helpful descriptions of some of the best campsite and transportation booking websites out there.
Find wheels and a dream campsite at the click of a button.

Sexy Hotness 2 for 1
Our Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bags are sleeping bags you can wear and walk around in. They also just so happen to zip together with other Sexy Hotnesses for when you're looking to get closer to your special camp mate. So really, one is good but two is waaaay more fun!
Grab a friend and head outside with our very special 2-for-1 Sexy Hotness Special. When you buy one Sexy Hotness at full price, you'll get a second one free!

This deal and many more can be found in our 4th of July Sale Collection.

Ranger Station
The Ranger Station Lending Library is open for business. You can now sample all the goods you need for a weekend campout in the form of our curated camp kits. There's 3 unique kits to choose from. Book yours today.

For all you Bay Area folks, the Alite Outpost is having the same 4th of July Sale as our website with up to 40% off select gear. So if you're local and looking for outdoor adventure, come visit the shop this weekend!