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Sitewide Cybersale + Holiday Gift Box #5

Sitewide Cybersale + Holiday Gift Box #5
Every Single Item on our Site is on Sale. Every. Single. Item.

This would be a good moment to gear up on all the best outdoor holiday presents for everyone you know! This sitewide sale will feature your favorite Alite products and outdoor accessories for up to 50% off, and it'll go through Monday, 11/26.

 At first I was afraid! I was petrified...

But then my friend got me this awesome kit and I survived! Is probably what your friend will burst into song with when they get this Survival Scout gift box from you.

People who would enjoy this box might include: your girl/boy scout niece/nephew, your uncle who likes to go on solo hikes and is always getting lost in the woods, anyone who enjoys learning new skills like knot tying or fire-starting or whittling!

Set Loose Your Inner Lumberjack

What better outdoor holiday bonding activity than chopping down your tree together??

Sara, on her site Run Wild My Child, discusses her family's experience and shares some great tips and tricks for getting out there and bringing home the perfect pine shrub.

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