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Summer Isn't Over Until We Say So

Summer Isn't Over Until We Say So
Summer Isn't Over Until We Say So

We hope you celebrated the long weekend outside camping with your friends. But even if you didn't, there's still plenty of fun to be had on outdoor adventures this weekend and beyond.
Camping season is not over yet! Discover awesome campgrounds, yurts and cool outdoor destinations in your area on our Outside 101 Reservations page.

Ranger Station is Open for Business

Don't let not owning all the right gear stand between you and a fun weekend campout. There's still plenty of time left to plan a weekend retreat in the woods with your friends. Our Ranger Station rental library is the best deal in town and has all the tools you need to get outside.

Learn more about our camping kit rentals HERE.

Eat Desert First!

Open fire cooking isn't just for dinner you know. You can make some mouth watering deserts over a campfire too! Baked apples, dutch oven cinnamon rolls, and grilled peaches to name a few tasty options. Check out some awesome open fire dessert ideas from our favorite camp cooking gurus over at Over the Fire Cooking to get inspired for your next outdoor cookout.

Photo credit: Over the Fire Cooking

24 Hours to Get a Cozy Cover Present

In 24 hours, we will still love butts. We will still be unable to lie about it. The Cozy Cover will still be the best chair accessory for keeping butts warm. Butt, you will no longer be able to get one for FREE with the purchase of any Mantis Chair. So do your butt a favor and check out this special deal while you still can.

Free Cozy Covers can be found HERE.

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