Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Limited Edition Meadow Rest + Shady Sale 👓

Limited Edition Meadow Rest + Shady Sale 👓
Seaglass Meadow Rests are Back!

Imagine lying back on a bajillion tiny pieces of broken bottles. Wait, no. Let me try again. Imagine you're taking a nap at the beach surrounded by smooth, glittering, rainbow sprinkles from the ocean. There we go, that's what the Seaglass Meadow Rest experience is like. Third time's the charm. Or I guess that was the second time. Even better. 

Last Chance for a Camp Kit + Camp Cup

If you've been wanting to camp but don't have the right gear, this is your chance to get out there! This weekend is the last weekend of our Ranger Station (till next Spring anyway) at the Alite Outpost. 

You can reserve yours online or stop by our store, and since we know how sad you all are that it's ending for the season, we're throwing in an awesome Alite camp cup! While you'll have to return the rest of the gear, that one you can keep FOREVER.

Feel Closer to the Ocean with Sunski Shades

The Sunski office and their shades maker is located exactly 473 steps from the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco (we can only assume they counted that). Anyway, as we are also located in San Francisco, that got us wondering how many steps away we are from the Pacific. According to Google it's a bit over 2,000 steps, but when we wear our Sunskis we feel 1,500 steps closer to the ocean. It's a good feeling.

Feel that ocean spray with 20% off Sunskis through tomorrow 11:59pm PST!

Creepin it Real

Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween!

So, I know how much you all have really been enjoying the Halloween jokes/puns in the last couple newsletters. "Uh well actually we kinda..." shh shh you don't have to tell me about how great they were. 

Anyway, I didn't want to reveal any of my sources before Halloween, but now that the best day of the year has passed I feel like I can share them with you all.

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