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Meadow Mat Forage 2.0 + Gourmet Hot Dogs!

Meadow Mat Forage 2.0 + Gourmet Hot Dogs!
Meadow Mat: Forage 2.0 Available

Our Meadow Mats in Forage 2.0 print are back, and just in time for staying dry in the fall season! 

Watch this great introductory video on foraging in Alite's natural habitat, San Francisco!

Final Weeks of the Ranger Station

All good things must come to an end. Like Summer. And Pluto being a planet. And floppy disks. And laser tag. Do people still go to laser tag? If so we're going. Oh except for twinkies, those things are forever. 

Point being, our Ranger Station is closing at the end of the month. It's sad, but there's definitely still time to make the most of it! Check out our online reservation page.

Gourmet Camp Dogs

Our pals over at Fresh Off the Grid have SEVEN different hot dog topping ideas, plus directions for grilling them on your camp trip. We are personally excited to try out the Hawaiian Dog. Can't be better than pineapple on pizza, but we're willing to give it a shot. Check the article out HERE

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