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Meet the Staff: Ian's Picks + Limited Edition Coolers!

Meet the Staff: Ian's Picks + Limited Edition Coolers!

Top Alite Product (and why): Cooler Pack

I like a good all day adventure which which usually necessitates a healthy amount of snacks and cold beers. When my backpack can carry my adventure supplies and keep them cool, I'm a happy camper.

In celebration of Ian's favorite Alite product, we are releasing 3 different styles of coolers in never before seen color ways! We now have Bucket Coolers, Cooler Packs, and Fiesta Coolers available in Balboa Stripe and Muir Woods. There are very few of each of these, so nab em fast, especially while they're on sale!

Meet Ian

Job: Marketing Director
Favorite part of the job: Brainstorming fun initiatives and content for our website and retail shop. Also camping!
Identifying feature: Pinktails + hats + 3 coats + best mousestache at the office
Outdoor activity of choice: Bicycle-powered adventures and hunting for hot springs

Quote"Woah. That was a great brainstorm, I give it an A+" - Ian 'Alite' Hiebert

Favorite Outdoor Spot: Pinecrest Lake 

Awesome for backcountry camping, swimming holes and cliff jumping and howling at the moon.