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Outpost Holiday Market

Outpost Holiday Market

We’re excited to announce the new Holiday Market at the Alite Outpost!

We’ve teamed up with 5 awesome local outdoor brands to create a fun new “pop-up” market at the Alite Outpost. Our friends at Rumpl, Nipomo, CULK, Bramble, and Third Eye Headlamps have each created their own unique mini shop for their products at our brick and mortar camp store in the Mission District. These companies don’t currently have retail stores of their own so this is the place you’ll find all of their eclectic assortment of blankets, apparel, camp towels, headlamps and more under one roof. This is an awesome opportunity to scope out some small businesses doing big things in the outdoor industry. Come visit the Outpost anytime from now through January 15th to get a truly unique retail experience.

Check out the event page!

What: Outpost Holiday Market with Rumpl, CULK, Third Eye Headlamps, Nipomo, and Bramble
Where: The Alite Outpost 3376 18th Street
When: Daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM through Jan 15th.

Below are previews of each awesome mini shop! 

Bramble - Started by outdoor lovers and based in SF, Bramble's products are inspired by wild places and a portion of each purchase goes towards protecting these places. Their lightweight microfiber towels are seriously all you need on your adventures. Well that and maybe a good pair of socks...and probably also a rad headlamp or 4 (see below).

Culk - Our neighbors in the Mission, this three-man operation sells apparel with awesome minimal designs by Sam Culkins commemorating urban SF landmarks. Kinda, anyway. We (or at least 1/3 of marketing) wear exclusively Culk socks at the office, and for good reason. 

Third Eye Headlamps - "Totally Awesome Headbands."

Not that more needs to be said, but seriously these are some of the best and brightest headlamps and not just because they feature the latest in lighting technology. Light the way with 168 lumens and the coolest galaxy headband around camp (can be worn at all times of day). 

Nipomo - Started by the raddest mother + daughter team, Nipomo's traditional, handwoven blankets celebrate the local craft of Mexico and California. The design process starts in SF, leather straps are handmade in San Diego, and the beautiful bright blankets are crafted by a family run business in Mexico!

Rumpl - Super. Puffy. Sleeping bag blankets.

We're personally pretty big fans of the Pyro Fade Puffy. What's not to love? Come snuggle up and settle down in an ultra warm, synthetic down, water resistant blanket in a camp chair and contemplate which is your favorite. Stay all day, we don't mind.

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