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Outside Lands: Bands to See

Outside Lands: Bands to See

Outside lands is coming to San Francisco this weekend! We’re stoked that this epic 3-day festival takes place right in our own backyard Golden Gate Park. But what we are really excited for is the music! Outside Lands always delivers a super eclectic mix of bands, both big and small, to their lineup every summer. We’re happy to tell you the 2018 lineup is no exception.

With over 70 bands and artists billed for this weekend, this fest will offer something for everyone.
We wish folks could see every band perform but sadly, that’s just not possible. If you’re heading out to Golden Gate Park this weekend we recommend you arrive with a plan. Take some time to study the lineup each day so you have at least some idea of who you want to see and when so you can maximize your performance intake. Most folks are already familiar with most of the headliners, because…well, they’re the headliners. If you’re not entirely certain of your Outside Lands itinerary yet, or you’re open to suggestions, check out this post from Pure Grain Audio that highlights 5 Outside Lands acts you don’t want to miss.

Check out their full post HERE.

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