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Party for the Planet Tomorrow + Cooking Outdoors 🍳 🎁 ⛺ 🌊

Party for the Planet Tomorrow + Cooking Outdoors 🍳 🎁 ⛺ 🌊
Party for the Planet on a Wednesday!?

That's what OutdoorSF is gonna be this Wednesday, 12/5. All proceed of ticket sales go to the awesome Save the Waves Coalition, and included in ticket purchase is a beer from Fort Point, a can of wine from Essentially Geared Wine, empanadas from El Porteno, and just a generally excellent time. Dancing will be done, purchases from some very cool + conscientious companies will be made.

Get your tickets HERE and we'll see you there!

Gunpowder Spice Makes Everything Nice

Fried eggs + gunpowder spice = nice
Tin foil potatoes + gunpowder spice = nice
Bacony brussel sprouts with pecans and cranberries + gunpowder spice = nice
Yogurt and granola + gunpowder spice = nice
Everything else + gunpowder spice = nice

So we ran some calculations for you guys and can confirm that gunpowder spice does in fact make everything nice (seriously I tested some out in my yogurt and granola this morning for you guys and would honestly recommend it for those of you who want to try out a new method of waking up that isn't coffee). Get a bottle of this essential spice along with everything else you need to cook some delicious outdoor feasts in our Campfire Cook gift box

Bacony Brussel Sprouts with Pecans and Cranberries

I know you were curious about this. This great recipe is by friend of Alite, Emma Frisch, the author of outdoor cookbook Feast by Firelight, which is included in the Campfire Cook gift box. You know what else you're probably curious about? What brussel sprouts look like on the stalk. I'll bet this is something you've pondered a lot when you should've been writing a newsletter...or I mean whatever is it you do for work. Check out the recipe to unveil how brussels sprout! How brussel sprouts...sprout. 

photo by: Allison Usavage

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