Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Product Underground 2018 + Meadow Mat Sneak Peek

Product Underground 2018 + Meadow Mat Sneak Peek
Take a Peek

The creative minds here at Alite Designs have a lot of ideas for fun outdoor products and colorways. We don't always get to move forward with all of them, but sometimes we do make small runs of a few select choices. The result can be some very cool, very limited editions of fun Alite gear.
This funky new Meadow Mat Print is one of them and will be available on our website and at the Alite Outpost soon. Stay tuned!

Sleeping Bags You Can Wear

Sleeping bags are a necessary component of camping and they're definitely useful, but they haven't always been particularly fun or interesting. Not anymore! The Sexy Hotness kicks the traditional sleeping bag design up a few degrees with zip-able legs so you can stride around camp or exit your tent for a bathroom break without ever leaving the comfort and warmth of your bag. This "wearable" sleeping bag can also zip together with other Sexy Hotness bags for when you wanna get extra close to your camp mates.

Try Before You Buy

Summer is in full bloom, which means it's time to go camping!
Not owning all the necessary gear for an overnight trip doesn't have to be a deal breaker for joining your friends for a weekend adventure. Our Ranger Station gear rental library is an affordable alternative you can use every weekend this summer. Bonus: you'll get lots of in-store discounts at the Alite Outpost every time you rent!

Learn more about our Ranger Station and book your camp kit HERE.


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