Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Sierra Shack Pop-Up Tents!, Hot Springs + More!

Sierra Shack Pop-Up Tents!, Hot Springs + More!

Shack Up Outside!

The long-awaited shipment of Sierra Shacks has arrived which means this signature Alite pop-up tent is available again! 

The 3-season Sierra Shack is designed to pop up and take down in a flash, making setting up camp quick and easy! Bring your friends camping by zipping two or more Sierra Shacks together to make room for a crowd!

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Ranger Station

Summer is in full swing and we want you to go camping!

Don't have all the necessary gear for spending a night in the woods? NO PROBLEM! Our Ranger Station gear lending library has all the tools you need to get outside and you can use them for FREE!

Learn more about our Ranger Station and book your camp kit HERE.

Chill Out in a Hot Tub!

There's no better place to relax in the outdoors than a natural hot spring. 

California's Eastern Sierras have a high concentration of geothermal activity, which means lots of natural hot springs to explore! Rock Tub Hot Springs is one of several natural springs in the area and is an amazing place to enjoy a relaxing soak session with scenic mountain views.

Plan your trip to Rock Tub Hot Springs and other Destinations in Outside 101.

Start the Day Off with a Good Meal!

Granola and camping go hand-in-hand and sometimes you don't get one without the other. This recipe has a tarragon twist to add a kick to an already easy-to-make and delicious camp classic. 

View the full recipe and other tasty camp meal how-to's on Outside 101.

Dress for Success!

Hiking is one of our favorite outdoor pastimes. Whether you're backpacking for miles through the wilderness or taking a quick stroll through your local park, hikes are a great way to exercise, move your body, and explore nature.

The key to staying comfortable on your next hike is as simple as wearing the right clothes for the job. This post from Barefoot Theory has great tips for how to layer and dress for the job in varying weather conditions.

Learn more handy Camp Skills in Outside 101.