Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Sitewide Sale now up to 50% off + New Stonefly Chairs 🎁 🌟

Sitewide Sale now up to 50% off + New Stonefly Chairs 🎁 🌟
Select Items 50% off for Festive Times!

Our Holiday Sale is in full swing. Now would be a great time, the best time in fact, to purchase a lightweight camp chair with cupholders for your friend who's always spilling drinks, a limited edition backpack for your brother to bring to work because his old one is ripped, a coffee making gift box for your caffeinated cousin, and many, many more things because you want to be the best gift giver of the season.

Our Multiple-Beverage-Holding Chair Better and Brighter than Ever Before

This chair will hold your drink(s) for you while you shoot marshmallows at people. Not really sure what more you could ask for. Except maybe a sizable discount and some cheery new colorways! Which we have delivered. Chugga chugga and enjoy. Don't sleep on this deal because you dozed off imagining how comfy you'll be in this chair.


We feel like hanging out at the beach is a pastime most humans can appreciate. Some more than others. This Beachcomber gift box allows for a full day of jolly beach activities: lay out your Meadow Mat Large with enough room for your pals, play some frisbee, wrap up in your lightweight towel after an ocean dip, all while staying hydrated and sunburn-free with your bright, zinc-ified nose. Also, all these items pack up just right into your limited edition Squirrel Pack!

Mayfly Awayyy

But wait! No...come back. We caught em. Just for you. Our most popular chair has returned, delivered by the elves (or probably FedEx actually, thanks FedEx) just in time for you to get one for everyone you know who enjoys being comfortable outdoors.

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