Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Staff Pick: Luke Matthews

Staff Pick: Luke Matthews

Meet Luke

Job: Designer
Favorite part of the job: Prototyping 
Identifying feature: Greasy hands and aloha shirts
Outdoor activity of choice: Fishing and sailing
Quote: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thompson

Alite Designer, Luke Mathews is what you might call "good at life," and by this we mean he has a natural ability to fix things. Luke is a regular ol' DIY guy whether he's souping up his 1992 Subaru Loyale, making a seaworthy canoe, or turning his bike into the ultimate off-road bike camping machine. This talent has served him well in his approach to design. Especially when finding solutions to difficulties with prototypes and developing colors and features for new products.

Luke established a love for the sea and the outdoors while growing up on the Big Island in Hawaii. He spent a lot of his time outside doing his favorite things: barefoot hiking, sailing, and fishing.

Luke's Favorite Outdoor Spot

Back home in Hawaii, Luke was never far from the water and that's where he likes to play. So it's no surprise that his favorite local spot is up around Tomales Bay, just north of Alite HQ. This often foggy coastal area is surrounded by Point Reyes National Seashore and offers plenty of maritime fun. One of Luke's favorite trips is going kayak camping along the shores of Tomales bay by night and going on paddling explorations by day. 

Learn more about the fun adventures and camping opportunities around Tomales Bay in this great article from Sunset.

Photo credit: Thomas J. Story.

Why is the Meadow Mat your top Alite product pick?

Luke: "My favorite part about Meadow Mats is just how versatile they are. Yes, they're made for relaxing and lying around outside. But, by carrying one around in the back of my car, I've found all kinds of other fun ways to use them. They've come in super handy as rain shelters when I'm cooking out the back of my car on road trips. I've even used one as a makeshift sail on a windy canoe trip."

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