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Introducing the All-New Stonefly Armchair!

Introducing the All-New Stonefly Armchair!

The All-New Stonefly Chair - The Chair for the Professional Chiller

We're excited to introduce the newest member of Alite's outdoor furniture family! The Stonefly Chair takes our lightweight, collapsible furniture designs in a bold, dual-drink holding, arm-resting direction. It sits more upright and higher than our Mayfly and Mantis chairs so you'll have a great view, whether it's of the stage or the campfire!

The Stonefly Chair is now available exclusively at REI until July 1.

One Sweet Chair in Three Colorways!

Available now exclusively at REI in three awesome colorways.
Stay tuned for the release of this epic outdoor armchair on our website later this summer when we will debut it in some brand-new colors and prints!

Because You Want to Drink your Beer, Not Hold It. 

Whatever you have a thirst for, the Stonefly Armchair is at your service! The specially designed cupholder pockets are great for cradling your drinks and holding them upright. The pockets have an additional area where you can stash accessories and lil' extras. The handy utility loop secures bottle openers, keys, and other essentials.

A Beverage-Loving Armchair Designed for Outdoor Fun

This super-comfy and fully collapsible camp chair is ready to take you (and your drinks) on new and exciting adventures. The Stonefly Armchair is your new outdoor throne for enjoying your favorite outdoor places.


Take Your Drinks Outside!

Tested everyday at beer o'clock in San Francisco: the Stonefly is ready for all your camping, concert-going, beach-partying, roof-decking outdoor-chilling endeavors.