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Ranger Station Intro

Ranger Station Intro

* NOTE: The Ranger Station is closed for the season and will reopen after Spring 2017.

This season the Ranger Station has evolved to include more options, equipment, and availability. After interviewing past users of the Ranger Station we found out some very useful information that has helped us take our lending library to the next level. One thing we learned was that car camping was very popular with the Ranger Station users, so we wanted to provide equipment options that were suitable for that type of camping experience. We also wanted to provide equipment for folks wanting to take their camping game to the next level and hike to their campsite.

We’re therefore super excited to present three new kits available for three different levels of camping. Take a peak at all three kits HERE

We're also proud to announce we're bringing our sister company Boreas Gear into the Ranger Station mix, as we’ll be offering their ultra lightweight tent and technical backpacks into the Intermediate Backcountry Kit.

The Ranger Station Lending Library will open up for this years reservations starting May 29th and will run into October 2016. This season we are also reserving a selected number of kits for participants in the Fresh Air Club (FAC). What's up with FAC? It's our new program based around local activities and inspiration to get folks stoked to go outside more and explore. It includes discount incentives, giveaways, and fun schwag.

The Ranger Station came to be after Creative Director Tae Kim discovered the rental library for hand and power tools in Oakland, CA. Seeing this he asked himself, "If people can borrow tools, try them out, and use them for various work projects on a free rental basis, why the heck can't we do it for camping gear?" And so, the Ranger Station was born; an outpost for rentable camping goods geared towards those who want to go camping with their friends on weekends, but can't buy a tent, sleeping pad, headlamps, camp chair, and other necessary camp gear for beginners to intermediates. The station's goal is to get people equipped, educated, and excited to head outdoors more and find out just how simple it can be.

Our lending library program last year enabled around 400 people to go camping in California. The kits were always reserved and high in demand, so we're stepping our game up this year by quadrupling our availability and presenting the three new kit options. Furthermore, this is just the beginning. Next year we plan to take this initiative on a national level and open up the lending library to folks across the country.

Thanks for camping with us.