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Big Basin Redwoods (FAC Approved)

Big Basin Redwoods (FAC Approved)

Like the name suggests, Big Basin Redwood State Park is quite large.  It has over 80 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails and is home to the largest continuous grove of old growth Coastal Redwoods south of San Francisco. As it would happen, there are over a hundred easily accessible car campsites where you can pitch a tent amongst the biggest and oldest trees in the world. In case the majesty of thousand-year-old giant trees isn’t enticing enough, the varied elevations of the park (from sea level to 2,000 ft) make for an extremely diverse range of habitats and wildlife: there are waterfalls, lush canyon bottoms, oak and conifer forests, sparse and dry grassy slopes, and freshwater marshes and creeks. On the right day out on the trail at Big Basin, you could spot a bobcat, an endangered Marbled Murrelet, or a good ol’ fashion ocean view.

Located 65 miles south of San Francisco and 25 miles northwest of Santa Cruz, Big Basin Redwoods is an easy drive and an appealing escape from the bustle and noise of city life.


  • Full range of trail options: easy, moderate, or strenuous
  • Get the low down on the park’s most popular hikes and trails at the multimedia kiosk in the Sempervirons room near Park Headquarters
  • 7 Campgrounds to choose from!
  • Relax in the lap of outdoor luxury in one of the wood burning stove-equipped Tent Cabins
  • Attend one of the many Big Basin Campfire Programs to hear from knowledgeable guest speakers and rangers, brush up on your redwood ecology, and roast some marshmallows
  • Take a well deserved break from the trail at the Big Basin Café
  • Re-supply on camp staples and BEER at the camp store