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Baker Beach - Bike Destination

Baker Beach - Bike Destination

The ride to Baker Beach is an awesome introductory bike expedition no matter where you're starting from. It gets a little crowded on nice weekends, so when you take your bike you won't be looping the lot for a parking spot. Bonus.

We love this beach for it's amazing view of the bridge and its close proximity to Marshalls Beach (clothing optional). It's found beneath the beautiful Presidio Cliffs and is a part of the Golden Gate National Park Recreation Area. While sitting down and enjoying the crispy waves and sweet salty air, you can look to your right and see the Golden Gate bridge, or look to your left and see the amazing homes that 'll make you feel as though you're somewhere in Italy. 


  • Great beach for crabbing sessions (when in season)
  • Access to the Coastal Trail
  • Picnic and restroom facilities located amongst the cypress trees at the east side of the parking lot
  • Check out California State Rock called Serpentine, which hangs out on the cliffs between Baker Beach and Fort Point
  • Camp at Robb Hill Campground located less than a mile away (perfect for families and beginner campers)