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China Beach - Bike Destination

China Beach - Bike Destination

California coastlines ain't nothing to mess with. We love em'. All of them. San Francisco is down right spoiled in terms of coastline to explore and beaches to chill at. China Beach is a supreme example of a beach within reach from anywhere in SF. Bike in, drive in, bus in; there's no reason you can't get to China Beach in time for sunset.

Tucked in-between Baker Beach and Lands End, China Beach is located in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of SF and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. That means there’s an ample amount of activities to do while visiting. We strongly suggest crabbing (if it's the right season), and soaking in the sunrise with a full thermos of strong coffee.


  • Excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands
  • Sunbathing spots on the beach or the small deck above the lifeguard station/restroom building
  • Great for swimming - they have restrooms with cold showers (open sunrise to sunset)
  • Low tide party time with starfish, mussels, and other anemones
  • BBQ pits and picnic areas above the beach
  • Intriguing history - this beach was named after Chinese fishermen who used to camp on the beach (picture of the monument below)