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Alite Ambassador: Sara Whitman

Alite Ambassador: Sara Whitman

Sara is a prime example of what it means to live a fast-paced city lifestyle, but can also manage to make being healthy a priority. She does this by cooking amazing meals from scratch as well as getting outside and riding her bike all over San Francisco. She is a local food guru that has a strong passion (and true talent) for the art of making waffles, which she mastered after working at Linea Cafe for a few years.

We've had the pleasure of working with Sara the past few months on a few of her favorite camp recipes. She's all about doing a little prep work before heading into camp to free up time for hanging with friends around the fire and skinny dipping in the morning. Read on for more tips, tricks, and recipe ideas for your next camp trip:

What 5 foods best describe your character and personality?

  • Eggs- basically for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I find some way to fit an egg into my daily routine.
  • Granola- for snacking. I like the loaded kind; sweet, salty, crunchy and packed with lots of dried fruits and nuts.
  • Kale (or any dark leafy green) - raw, cooked, juiced, or in a smoothie. Kale gives me the energy to live in this crazy city!
  • Vietmanese food - I spent a month traveling Vietnam in my early 20s. That trip will forever influence the way I cook.
  • Ketchup- Everyone uses Sriracha these days. I'm a little more old fashioned.

    What did you eat for breakfast?
    A toasted sesame bagel with chive cream cheese from Atlas Cafe. I live around the corner and go with my boyfriend a lot. I eat half and give him the rest.

    What is your favorite memory of being outside as a youngster?
    I grew up in northeastern Ohio. My dad lived on the Cuyahoga River. We spent summers camping, fishing, swimming, and cooking. Weekends there were special because it was just my dad and I outside, hanging out. He taught me every trick in the book, how to really enjoy living off the land.

    What is your go-to camp meal you always cook up when with family and friends?
    Huevos rancheros. I've made it a dozen times. I always make breakfast. When I'm less prepared, left over sausages from the night before always pair well with fried eggs and cast iron grilled potatoes.

    How do you incorporate the outdoors into your everyday work routine and busy life schedule?
    I bike everywhere! Biking to the beach after a long work week helps me reset. I also love Bernal Hill. It's close to my house and an easy hike to the top.

    What are three things that you take on every road trip?

    • Music - I'm planning a month long road trip soon. I've been asking friends for new stuff that I can filter through along the way.
    • Chef Kit - I always bring little bottles of olive oil, sherry vinegar, and Maldon sea salt. These three ingredients can turn any boring camp meal into something delicious.
    • Headlamps - They are great when you need to set up your tent last minute. Headlamps can also help when you have to do some last minute prep for dinner.

      Your experience in both the kitchen and the outdoor kitchen is very impressive. Alite is looking forward to testing out more of your creations and learning more of your techniques. What is the number one thing you can enlighten us with, regarding how to best prepare for a delicious meal outside?
      Preparation is everything!! Make sauces and dips ahead of time and store them in mason jars. I like to impress people when I'm outdoors with homemade trail mixes and beef jerky. Meal plan ahead of time so you're not stuck foraging your dinner. Grilling on a campfire can be unpredictable, so be prepared. Bringing metal tongs and foil will always help things from scorching. The more you do at home will free up time for extra long hikes and skinny dips in mountain springs!

      Check out her recipes on Outside 101 for Huevos Rancheros and Overnight Oats, and stay tuned for more recipes and stories from her cross country road trip...