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Alite Ambassador: Iso Rabins

Alite Ambassador: Iso Rabins

This SF food dude has a bountiful wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking and foraging his next meal. We had the opportunity to head into the woods with him awhile back for a raging campout where we took 25 people camping for their first time! Iso blew their minds (and ours) when he prepared a delicious steak & potato dinner for the group, followed by a breakfast of waffles cooked in a mason jar inside the fire. CRAZY.

We recently caught up with Iso to talk about his latest projects with Forage SF, which is Iso's brainchild that supports the local food community through workshops, how-to classes on foraging, a co-working kitchen space, and educational dinner nights. He also told us how he spends his time off from working, and shared some helpful advice for people new to the outdoors.

Who is Iso Rabins (in 3-5 words)?
Forager, Entrepreneur, Chef.

What is your first memory of being outside as a young kid?
When I was 5 in Philadelphia. I remember standing in the street seeing my first snow.

How do you incorporate the outdoors into your everyday routine and personal environment?
SF is a great place to get outside. I live near the park, so my daily commute is walking through the woods. When I want to get out of the city I take trips up the coast for seaweed foraging, abalone diving, and spearfishing.

What is the #1 thing someone new to the Bay Area should do this upcoming summer?Drive up highway 1. It's what made me decide to move here. It's prehistoric beauty.

What inspired you to get involved in the project Forage SF?
I started Forage SF following my own amazement by how much of what was around me was edible. I didn't go to school for it, and I didn't grow up foraging, so it seems like every day I discover new things. It's the constant learning that keeps it fresh, and there's always something new to find.

Any interesting finds and/or advice you can enlighten us with?
You're more likely to die on the drive to the ocean than you are from a great white. Get out there and don't be scared of the ocean! Free diving is one of the most amazing/inspiring things you'll ever do.

What are your top 3 items you always bring on a foraging excursion?
Plastic bags, a knife, and water. Simple.

Hello 2015 - any exhilarating plans that will help inspire the forager/explorer in all of us?
Something I have been wanting to do for a while is take a sailboat from SF down to Baja - diving for fish, stopping at ports, cooking, and most importantly being out in the open ocean for a month.