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Alite Ambassador: Alex Witte

Alite Ambassador: Alex Witte

From cooking to bouldering, and then back to cooking at an event for 20 yogis, Alex has very few moments of sitting down. She's taught the Alite crew a thing or two about cooking outdoors, where the best hidden hot springs can be found in the Sierras, and how to get outside every weekend. She recently returned from a trip to Indonesia, where her family runs a textile non-profit and works with local artisans to create beautiful and sustainable fabrics. Read on to learn about her inspirational parents and the top three items she takes on every road trip.

What 5 activities best describe your character?
Play, play, play, play, and more play! But I find that sense of play in riding/training horses, backpacking, climbing, acrobatics, and cooking/baking.

What is your favorite memory of being outside as a youngster?
There are way too many! How can I choose between playing with lion ant mounds, frolicking in the Tuolumne river with my parents, making sagebrush houses for tarantulas in Death Valley, running and rolling full speed down sand dunes with my dad while we watched my mom literally chase after the windswept tent a hundred feet below, or playing with the chickens and eels in the rice fields of Indonesia?

True or false, you never stop moving and can't sit still?
110% true. Unless, of course, I’m watching the stars out in the backcountry.

How do you incorporate the outdoors into your everyday work routine and busy life schedule?
I work a 9-6 job, so that’s always a tough one during the week.  I sit outside in the park on my lunch break or take a walk, then after work some days I go horseback riding and take in the crisp evening air… the other days I go to the gym (not so much outdoors).  However, I definitely take advantage of my weekends and am often skipping off to the High Sierra or Tahoe for climbing or backpacking.  If I stick in town, I love to hang out at Lake Merritt where there’s a big gathering of people doing slacklining and acrobatics of all sorts.  Sometimes I’ll also squeeze in a hike, trail run, or a day exploring though Point Reyes.

Your weekends are always packed full of exploring, climbing, and cooking. What is the latest and greatest trek you’ve been on, and what did you cook up?
I recently went backpacking through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, an easy 30+ mile point to point.  It was so beautiful! I always keep my food ultralight and super simple when I’m on the trail, so we had oatmeal with trail mix for breakfast and dehydrated curry lentil soup for dinner. Gourmet!  Last year I went on a solo backpacking trip in Tuolumne where I decided to be fancy and cooked up some sweet potato, black bean, & quinoa tacos! Those were delicious.  I’ve gotta do that again soon.

What are three things that you take on every road trip?
My Soto Micro regulator stove, Swiss army knife, and coffee!

What trail recipe gives you the most energy?
I’m satisfied by simple things.  I make my own trail mix that usually has dried apricots, almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, dried cherries, salted pistachios, and chocolate! Keeps me going all day.

Alite is super pumped to have you come aboard and teach us how to cook up some easy and awesome recipes outdoors. What type of food magic can we look forward to seeing from you in the next few months?
I’m dreaming up a huge stovetop cookie…