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Alite Ambassador: Josey Baker

Alite Ambassador: Josey Baker

Here at Alite, we gain a lot of inspiration and motivation from local folks who manage to incorporate the outdoors into their everyday lives. Josey Baker is a supreme example of such individuals. When he is not slanging serious loaves of bread at The Mill where he runs Josey Baker Bread, he's crushing miles atop Mount Tamalpais State Park. Read on to hear how Josey creates a balance between work time, surf time, and coffee time.

Who is Josey Baker (in 3-5 descriptive words)?
Laughing, adventuring, listening. 

Where did you grow up, and what is your favorite memory of being outdoors as a young kid?
Vermont. I loved walking around the woods behind my house and building tree forts. 


How do you incorporate the outdoors into your everyday routine and personal environment?
As much as possible. Most days I don't get out of SF, but I am lucky enough to live a few blocks from Golden Gate Park, so I go trail running there several days a week. But I get out of the city at least once a week, preferably for an overnight. These days I'm hiking on Mt. Tam a lot, surfing waves so long as they aren't bigger than me, and occasionally mountain biking in the East Bay hills. Oh, and I also have the habit of collecting sticks on said adventures, and keeping them around my home, at the bakery, in my truck. I totally get why dogs do that.

What are your top 5 outdoor activities to do in the Bay Area?

  • Walking around Tam
  • Surfing gentle waves
  • Sleeping next to a river
  • Mountain biking through redwoods
  • Drinking coffee in the woods



Where is the most magical place you’ve ever eaten a sandwich (even if that sandwich wasn't made with your own bread, hehe)?
Atop King's Peak in The Lost Coast. I ate the sandwich right after I got lost in the zonal cloud bands of Jupiter and then shot a rifle from the mountain top. It was a special day.

You’re all about that work + play balance. How do you make that happen, and how does it contribute to your amazing positive attitude and outlook on life?
Well that's very flattering, calling my attitude amazing and positive, so thank you for that. As far as that goes, I really try my best to keep my priorities straight, and stay focused on how my decisions affect my day-to-day life. Whenever I'm contemplating a big decision, it's one of the handful of basic things I ask myself - what is this going to do to my life today, tomorrow, next week, next year? It's so basic, but it's often overlooked. We get deep into an idea or project and forget what it takes to get there; we can get stuck on the product, but we spend all of our time in the process. I need to spend a lot of time outdoors, it makes me feel healthy and alive; if I'm not healthy and alive, I'm no good to anyone.



Hello 2015 - any exhilarating plans that will help inspire the explorer in all of us?
I'm going to be a father!!! Can't even tell you how stoked I am to embark on that adventure. And you bet I'm gonna bring that little nugget to the top of Mt. Tam just as soon as my wife let's me.

Big thanks to Josey for supplying some motivation for the weekend and everyday city livin'. If you haven't had a chance to try his Adventure Loaf or Einkorn Bread yet, we highly suggest stopping by The Mill en route to your next hike or bike journey across the city. See you on up on Mount Tam.