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Where’s Brett Brewing: Equipment Guide

Where’s Brett Brewing: Equipment Guide

Where's Brett Brewing? In the woods, duh. Check out the latest camp coffee post from our pal Brett Walker - coffee guru, Alite Ambassador, and pro bike camper:


Brett Walker here - San Francisco’s resident beardo and coffee fanatic. I can’t tell you how excited I am to start working on some coffee projects with my friends at Alite and Boreas. I’ve long been aware of their activities and have felt sympathetic reverberations as far as outdoor activities and backcountry philosophies go. I can’t wait to see where our collaborative efforts take us.

I thought for my inaugural post, I would discuss my current coffee rig for outdoor purposes and other thoughts and opinions I have on basic coffee gear for outdoor use.

Truth be told, there isn’t one ideal or perfect brewing device to use outside. In fact, the sort of camping you're getting yourself into greatly determines the kind of equipment available for use. For instance, you may find when you are camping out of a car on a road trip down old Highway 66 that you are able to carry more gear, heavier gear, and gear more suitable for that specific application, than you would if you were backpacking across the Eastern Sierras. I’ve certainly had my moments where I’ve brought generally cumbersome French Presses or Chemexes because the effort was nothing more than tossing it into a box in the back of a trunk and hoping the glass didn’t break. 

That said, most of my outdoor activities these days involve either some form of bike touring or backpacking. Because of this, I am primarily interested in equipment that is lightweight and compact, makes a good cup of coffee, and that will assist me in consistently using the correct brew ratio without having the need for scales or other measuring devices. For better or worse the Aeropress seems like the best fit for what's currently available and has basically been my rig of choice for the last few years. In fact, rarely do I bring any other device with me these days, regardless of the situation I am currently in.  Why? Because it's lightweight, inexpensive, and there is no chance of glass breaking.

So here’s my basic rig:


Stay tuned for my next post on how to use this equipment properly in the great outdoors so you can brew the best cup of coffee…