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Nipomo Dinner at The Sea Stack

Nipomo Dinner at The Sea Stack

A few weeks ago, the backyard of the Sea Stack transformed into an intimate dinner setting where friends and strangers came together to experience the world's oldest act of community: sharing a meal.

Nipomo was created to celebrate the local craft and traditions of Mexico and California and this night honored just that. Nipomo is a collection of simple and functional goods inspired by traditional methods of making. Liz Clark, the founder of Nipomo, as well as Alite's lead designer collected an eclectic group of folks to help orchestrate this seaside feast with the day starting at the Alemany Farmers Market.

Nipomo's hand-woven blankets were featured throughout the evening and created the Oaxacan themed environment that set the mood for drinking, eating, sharing, and dancing.

The menu included freshly caught Pacific Rockfish, BBQ'd nopales, spicy fennel slaw, fresh greens, and mescal cocktails featuring jalapeños. 

View the pictures below to catch a glimpse into the dinner magic that took place that evening...

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