Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

New Drink Shop, Camp Destination, and More!

New Drink Shop, Camp Destination, and More!

A Drink Collection for Everyone!

Outdoors adventures can make you work up a thirst. That's why we've curated a brand new shop page dedicated to a variety our favorite outdoor drinking vessels.

Whether your looking for collapsibility, durability, sustainability, or taste, you'll be able to find the best water bottle for your hydration needs!

Discover new ways to quench your thirst HERE.

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Whether you live on the East Coast or you're planning a visit, Acadia National Park is our top recommendation for you to visit.

Acadia is the oldest designated National Park east of the Mississippi and has nearly 50,000 acres of hike-able, bike-able, and camp-able terrain for your enjoyment. Between the many islands, coastal tide pools and scenic mountain vistas, you'll have plenty of fun spots to explore.
Learn more about taking a casual camp trip to Acadia on our Outside 101 page.

Not heading to Maine anytime soon? Check out our new Camp Reservations page to find a park near you.

Camp Cocktail Hour!

Is there a better way to relax at camp than to kick back with a tasty adult beverage? NO, there is no better way. Our new Outside 101 resource guide has a growing library of delicious and easy-to-make recipes for a variety of camp meals and drinks for your outdoor enjoyment.
We recommend spicing up your camp life with this fun take on an old classic.

Check out more photos, the complete recipe and a printable version HERE.

A New Look for The Alite X Boreas Collab Pack!

Our Made in California Collection just got a boost of technical functionality with a fresh supply of The Alite X Boreas Collab. This unique pack combines an adjustable trampoline suspension from Boreas Gear with the stylish canvas and leather pack body of our Pine to Pacific Rucksack. It's also compatible with any other Boreas Bootlegger System!

Check out the new colors and a very special edition of this collab HERE.