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Ranger Station Reservations

Ranger Station Reservations

Welcome to the Ranger Station Lending Library. Below is our online reservation system to help you get started on planning your next camping trip. You can also come visit us at The Alite Outpost where you can reserve a Ranger Station Kit on-site. There will be a friendly Alite staff member who will answer any questions, concerns, and give you tips on where to go camp!

We have three different camp kits to choose from, ranging from an Introductory Car Camping Kit to an Intermediate Backcountry Kit. Check out the descriptions on the Ranger Station Camp Kits post to learn more about the components of the three kits, and which one is right for your trip.

There are also a few rules and regulations to be aware of before reserving your Ranger Station Kit. Be sure to read them all HERE before making a reservation.

You might think we're crazy for putting this program into action. Well, we are crazy, but we just want y'all to go outside more and find out just how simple it can be. No more excuses of not having gear, we're here to help you out and solve those problems.

The Ranger Station Lending Library is open for reservations May - October 2016. We open up the availability window one month at a time (one month increments), so keep checking back on the 1st of every month when the Ranger Stations open up for new reservations.

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