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Acecamp Volcano Stove

$ 44.95

When it comes to cooking outdoors, you want a stove that isn’t so big that it requires its own suitcase to bring to camp. But you also need something that is stable enough to put a pot of water or a frying pan of sizzlin’ bacon without worrying about the whole thing ending up on the ground. At just over 5 and a half ounces of stainless steel and brass alloy, this foldable Ace Camp Volcano Stove is the perfect combination of stability and portability.

It works with screw on gas canisters and has adjustable heat settings, making it super-easy to light and use. With most lightweight camp stoves, you have to attach the stove and whatever you’re cooking right on top of the fuel canister which makes for a precarious balancing act. Not so with the Volcano Stove! The long hose-port allows you to hook up to the fuel source while comfortably cooking your food on stable ground. Meals just taste better when you make them outside so get cookin’!

  • Folds up small
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Screws on easily to fuel canisters
  • Long hose-port lets you cook away from the fuel source
  • Lightweight and stable design


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