Alite: Fun Simple Outdoor Gear for Casual Camping

Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp (Octane Red)

$ 19.95

When out in the woods or digging in the back of your truck for the s’mores supplies, this no nonsense headlamp is the simple, bright and effective tool you need. From chores around camp to a mellow night hike, the Gizmo’s 3 SinglePower LEDs provide up to 100 lumens of brightness as well as dimming and strobe modes. You’ll get enough light to find your way around in the dark without worrying about blinding your campmates every time you glance their way. This headlamp also automatically powers off after 2 hours to avoid accidental battery drain.

  • hands-free use
  • lumens: 100
  • max distances: 15 meters
  • max burn time: 72 hours
  • batteries: 2 AAA (included)


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