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Holiday Gift Box #5: Survival Scout

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People who would enjoy a Survival Scout gift box might include: your girl/boy scout niece/nephew, your uncle who likes to go on solo hikes and is always getting lost in the woods, anyone who enjoys learning new skills like knot tying or fire-starting or whittling!

This gift box includes:

  • Knot Tying Kit: These handy, educational kits each include a set of Learn & Live laminated cards and a Watertight Case 1.0 for safe transport and storage. The Knot Tying Kit includes everything you need to learn and practice some of the most popular and useful knots applied outdoors.
  • Standard Magnesium Fire Starter: Shave small quantity of magnesium and surround with tinder.  Strike internal flint bar with striker to create sparks and ignite. Reliably starts hundreds of fires.
  • Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife: Opens smoothly and is constructed of surgical stainless steel. Innovative frame-lock handle design. Pocket/money clip allows easy access.
  • Classic Military Style Lensatic Compass: Heavy duty construction with long, straight side, luminous points and liquid dampened. 
  • Yellowstone Topo Bandana: A bandana is your best friend while hanging in the outdoors all day. It'll keep you cool while out on long hikes, carry your things, or shade your face for a nap outside.


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