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Opinel No. 8 Origins Knife (Origins Khaki)

$ 16.00
$ 19.00

Whether you’re new to the outdoors or a seasoned outdoorsman or woman, every camper needs a good pocket knife. We love this iconic piece of cutlery for it’s simplicity, beauty, and effectiveness.

Opinel is a French brand that has been around for a long time, and they really know their blades. The stainless steel blade is super sharp and durable for chopping up ingredients for a camp meal or carving up some roasting sticks for marshmallow hour. The wood handle has a nifty locking feature for security so you can slice and dice without worrying about an accident. The folding blade and carrying loop make the Opinel no8 a convenient tool you’ll make good use of on any camp excursion. Stay sharp friends!

Originally invented as a simple peasant's tool in 1890, the Opinel knife has as many, if not not more uses today!

  • 3" stainless steel blade
  • shaped hornbeam handle
  • safety locking ring
  • leather lace loop for carrying
  • easy to clean and carry


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