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Canyon Creek

Finding fun swim spots is one of our favorite pastimes. Nothing cools the summer heat like a dip in a freshwater swimming hole.

Just on the outskirts of Weaverville, CA, 3.2 miles up Canyon Creek Rd from the Junction City Store is one of our favorite watering holes. Canyon Creek Rd follows the river for miles and there are plenty of tempting swim spots at your disposal. Highlights include several deep pools, multiple rock outcroppings to jump off (caution is advised), and some fun riffles you can float through. Since Canyon Creek is mostly snow melt from the surrounding Trinity Alps, the water is both refreshingly cold and super clear. The water here is always beautiful but best enjoyed on hot days as an invigorating post hike or backpacking reward.

  • 3.2 miles from the turnoff on Canyon Creek road is a small dirt shoulder next to a road where you can park for the day and easily access this swim hole.
  • Rocky river edges provide different heights for cliff jumping (roughly a 10-20 foot range).
  • Stronger swimmers can let the current carry them through a narrow section upriver to the pool below.
  • Nice rock ledges to rest and warm up on.
  • Fill up on picnic supplies and beverages at the Junction City Store at the turnoff for Canyon Creek Rd.
  • The surrounding Shasta-Trinity National Forest is an awesome outdoor playground. A great place to roam the forest, jump in an alpine lake, backpack or hike.