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Feather River Hot Springs

The Feather River snakes through Plumas National Forest north of Tahoe and South of Shasta. The river flows through a lush rocky canyon flush with granite swimming holes and waterfalls. In the summer, the Feather is a swimmers paradise, and because it is a bit further afield than many of the well known dipping destinations like the Yuba River, it is a bit less crowded. On a recent winter camping adventure, we stopped to scope the Feather River Hot Springs and soak on the banks of the river.

A privately owned little hot springs with both sulfur and lithium pools, it is well maintained by both the caretakers and loyal soakers. The concrete hot tub is perched right on bank of the river making refreshing “cold plunges” readily available when you need a break from the 100 degree spring water. There are several rocky overflow pools which make it possible to score a tub of your own. Or you can share in the local ritual and catch the details on the best swimming holes in the area. The scenic river canyon backdrop contributes a majestic quality to this hot spring hot spot. One of the finest places to crack a cold beer and let your cares melt away!


All that is required is to call or text an hour ahead of arrival, five dollars, and a respectful attitude as you pass onto private property. It is also a fully functional RV park, cabin, and tent campground during the summer.

  • The concrete hot spring tub is split into two sections, each filled with a different mineral rich spring: one sulfur and one lithium.
  • Both of the main tubs are deep for full body soaking and situated immediately on the bank of the river- can’t beat the view!
  • The lithium mineral pool induces a greater feeling of weightlessness and promotes health benefits like increased circulation and relief from arthritic symptoms and muscle cramps.
  • Overflow from the concrete tubs forms several shallow rock pools closer to the river for more soaking options when the tubs are crowded.
  • You have to request permission for day use of the hot springs (via text message) 2 hours in advance.
  • The hot springs are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm with a $5 donation.
  • Overnight options include an RV park as well as three beautifully renovated cabins.
  • The cabin accommodations are quite cushy, with bathrooms, a queen-sized bed, fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker.
  • A communal outdoor kitchen is available for overnight guests as well as unlimited use of the hot springs.
  • NO dogs or glass bottles are allowed at the hot springs.
  • Pack out your trash when you’re good and done.

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