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Rock Tub Hot Springs

While the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA is better known for it’s world class skiing, the abundance of natural hot springs are good to go all year round! Imagine a sprawling meadow ringed by snow-capped mountains, dotted with clouds of steam rising from the ground. This magical valley boasts nearly a dozen natural hot springs of varying sizes and temperatures. Some are easy to locate while others are more elusive.

Rock Tub Hot Springs is an intimate tub easily accessible by car from the main road. Water pours out of a small pipe directly into this formal tub, a great place to dip your head if you can handle the heat. A real treat for two and a bit crowded at five, it’s definitely worth sharing the 100-degree water while kicking back and enjoying unreal views of the Eastern Sierras.

  • All the Hot Springs in this area of the valley are Free! You just have to find them.
  • Tub is next to a concrete platform for easy changing and toweling off post-soak.
  • Accessible by car along a dirt road. You can park right next to the tub.
  • Stunning view of the mountains.
  • Small tub can fit to 6 but is great for a smaller more romantic crowd of 2 if you find yourself there late night.
  • Pro Tip: camping is prohibited at the springs but most of the surrounding land is public and totally fair camping game

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