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Speedboat Beach

There are no bad views from the shores of Lake Tahoe. And the scenery can be even more enthralling from the water itself.

Speedboat Beach offers a lesser known access point to the crystal clear lake. It is an excellent launch point for small watercraft adventuring. In the summer months, swimmers and sunbathers alike flock to here to stake out a personal slice of pure Tahoe bliss at the water's edge and beyond. This is an awesome spot to take anything from a floatie to a kayak (available to rent in nearby Kings Beach). You can paddle immediately out through scattered constellations of stunning granite rock formations. These boulder “islands” are ripe for exploration, picture taking, sunbathing, and even picnicking (if you can ferry your supplies). A further paddle in either direction offers views of the wooded shores and local towns.

For the inquisitive explorers out there, there does exist a semi-secret hot spring in this area that flows into the lake. The spring water is incredibly hot and on private land but still fun to try and spot from the water.


Parking is very limited, please heed all neighborhood signage and be respectful of the neighbors. There are no public facilities so please use the bathroom and stock up on water at the public beach just three minutes away in central Kings Beach.

  • Epic views from the shore of iconic Lake Tahoe.
  • Stretches of large boulder formations just offshore make excellent natural sunning and swim “docks”.
  • Crystal clear lake water is great for snorkeling.
  • Kayaks, floaties, paddle boards are welcome vehicles for aquatic exploration here.
  • This neighborhood beach has very limited parking especially in the summer. Consider walking or taking public transit in from nearby Kings Beach.
  • Seasonal chemical toilets are the only facilities available here in the summer, so plan accordingly.
  • Access is free and hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Pack out trash to keep this beach beautiful and open to the public.