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Travertine Hot Springs

On the Eastern slope of the Sierra Mountains, lies what appears to be the craggy remains of an ancient dinosaur skeleton. But really, these aren’t bones, they’re the distinctive limestone rock formations of Travertine Hot Springs. Warm water bubbles out of the winding cracks and into several rocky pools that surround the source of the spring. You can enjoy front row views of Sawtooth Ridge while you relax. Travertine’s proximity to the town of Bridgeport makes hauling snacks and a cold beverages to your soak session super easy.

Though camping at the springs is prohibited, the dirt road that leads to the springs is on public land so you are allowed to leave your car at a pullout and camp along the road.

  • This hot spring is totally natural and totally free!
  • 5 pools, each with varied temperatures to test out and soak in.
  • With the exception of a satellite concrete pool, the tubs are natural with soft, muddy floors, for comfortable lounging.
  • Amazing views of the Eastern Sierras and the Town of Bridgeport, CA.
  • Don’t forget your water bottle! There is no place to fill up fresh water at the springs.
  • The Sportmen’s Inn Restaurant on Main Street is super close by and has a pretty epic shuffle board table. Just Sayin.
  • Pro Tip: limited free camping available along the dirt road to the springs.