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Camp with Friends Kit

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We want you to “Go 4th and Camp” for Independence Day. The upcoming holiday would be best spent outside camping with your friends. We created this Kit to make spending the night in the woods more affordable and easier than ever before. This kit has the goods you’ll need to stay comfortable all weekend long at your favorite outdoor spot.

This kit includes:

  • Sierra Shack Tent (Sutro Stripe): Ideal for car camping, this two person tent has three doors so you to exit the tent easily. With doors on both sides, connecting with your friends is easy - just zip your Sierra Shacks together!
  • Thermarest Z-lite Sleeping Pad: The best no-nonsense sleeping pad that takes 3 seconds to set up or fold away. Bonus: there’s zero chance you can pop it the first 5 minutes you’re at camp.
  • Luminaid Solar Lantern: A solar-powered, color-changing, inflatable light. It provides up to 12 hours of LED light when fully charged, twists into a compact, portable size that's easy to charge on-the-go, and waterproof and can float.


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