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Fall Forager Kit

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$ 220.00

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This kit provides everything you might need for a fall picnic! Toss your warm, waterproof meadow blanket and trusty blade into a handy pack and you're all set for mushroom collecting in the woods. Or apple and fancy cheese slicing in the park.

This kit includes:

  • Reyes Pack (Color of Your Choice): A daypack designed to perform on a full day out on the trail so you can get to that spot with the best berry picking. Complete with a beefed up suspension and zippered top access to handle larger loads, while providing extra support to put more miles under your feet.
  • Meadow Blanket (Forage Print): The fuzziness and particular patterned-ness of this blanket make it extra appropriate for your fall time gathering. Made with technical fabrics and super soft fleece, this is the perfect outdoor blanket for all your cozying up and nestling down needs!
  • Opinel Knife (Khaki): Opinel knives were invented as a simple peasant's tool in 1890 by the French. The Opinel knife has as many, if not not more uses today, including mushroom slicing and whittling!


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