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Festival Survival Kit

$ 50.00
$ 80.00

Sale Price: $50.00 | Regular Price: $80.00

It’s festival season and whether you’re headed off to Lollapalooza or Outside Lands right here in San Francisco, we want you to be prepared to rock out all day long!

We’ve created a specially priced kit for you with our 3 favorite festival essentials:

  • Squirrel Pack (Bolinas Blue) - 12-liter, no-nonsense day pack to comfortably carry all your festival supplies. So lightweight and compact, you can roll it up and stuff it into your pocket if needed.
  • Meadow Mat (Choose from 4 colors) - Plenty of room for your friends on this waterproof mat. Stake out some personal space to take a beer break or catch the next performance. 
  • Incognito Vapur Flask - rolls up nice and compact and can be stored where other bottles cannot. They don't call it an "incognito" flask for nothing. Great for quick and easy swigs!


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